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8. Production


In the production are, the production is running.

An overview of production:


  • TestIT Home button Home - go back to the home page
  • Product Groups Product groups - select and the overview of the product groups will be shown

8.1 Production info

The production info shows the details about the actual product.

Run a production:

  1. Select the wanted product group
  2. Press Start; now it is running
  3. Now it is possible to let it run until it is finished or by pressing Stop

8.2 Result and message area

Result area:

  • This area will show the results of the test when the program was started, some information, and the total time of the test.\\

Message area:

  • The line below the Start and the Stop button is the message area. This message will be shown to the operator. Double-click on the line, and the message history will be shown.