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Noleks TestIT is an own developed software program for machine sequence control. All test results are stored in a database and can be reviewed and analyzed in TestIT, or exported to for example Excel. Programming is done in a program editor that makes it user-friendly and easy to customize. This gives a very flexible machine control tool directly from the PC.

TestIT supports communication with various external devices, e.g.:

TestIT workstation

The picture is an overview of TestIT, and all the elements will be described in this manual.

What does the product do?

TestIT is a very powerful program and allows easy control and storage of the measurement results in any leakage test and/or functional test system.

Where can the product be used?

TestIT can be used for almost all test machines as an operating system and data storage. The PC screen is used as an operator panel and gives a clear interface with the operator.

TestIT configuration example

TestIT setup