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4. Options

To access the settings/options in DataConnectIT, press the “Tools” button in the Main Window and then press “Options”.

When you have pressed “Options”, a window with options will be displayed like in the picture below:

There are three categories in the options:

  • Device
  • Log
  • Notification

4.1 Device

Device Timeout:

  • In this option, select when the device has to stop (in seconds)

Device Time Warning:

  • Select the time you want for a warning to pop up when the device is getting slow

Reset Controller Response On Startup:

  • Select Yes if you want to Set all group response tags to 99 and back to 0 on service startup, this can help a connected PLC to unstuck

4.2 Log

Log Type:

  • In the Log type you can select in which type of log you want.

Here you have two options:

  1. The first option is in a Text file;
  2. The second option is in the Event viewer in Windows. In the second option, you need to run as an Admin in order to enable it

Log Degree:

  • In the log degree, you select the level of logging from the application.

In this category there are 4 options:

  1. None, which basically stops the logging
  2. Only error and warnings
  3. Only changes
  4. Everything

Log Folder:

  • In this section you select the destination folder of the log file
  • To change the location, you can manually write the path or navigate through the application

4.3 Notification

Notification interval:

  • In this option, you select how often a notification should pop up (in seconds)

Notification degree:

  • Here you select the types of the notifications you want to get from the application
  • There are four options of notification degrees:
  1. None: You do not get any notification
  2. Only errors
  3. Only errors and warnings
  4. All changes

In the end when you have set all the options, you must press the Save button. When you have pressed it in the left corner, you will get a message that says “Updated”, or you will get the error message.