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3. Device

In DataConnectIT, the functionality is split up into 3 devices:

  • Controller
  • Data
  • Back-up

3.1 Device Descriptions

1. Controller device:

  • Controller is the device that takes care of receiving or delivering data to or from an OPC Server or from a file. It can then send or receive the data to the back-up device or the data device and signal the result.
  • The devices that the user can select for the Controller are: OPC SERVER or TEXT FILE

2. Data Device:

  • Data is the Device where all the data is uploaded or received from a database storage.
  • The device that the user can select for the Data is: MSSQL SERVER

3. Back-up Device:

  • Backup is an optional device that can be used to handle results. When enabled, the backup device saves all data received from the controller locally, which will then be picked up by the data device once ready. This allows the controller part to continue its work without having to wait for the data device to finish.
  • The device that the user can select for the Data is: SQLite

3.2 Device Types

Controller Device:


  • Reads data from an OPC server and sends it to the Back-up or Data device, then sets a response to the OPC to signal that it is ready to receive more data, or if anything went wrong.


  • Gets data from the Data device and writes it to an OPC server. This data could for instance be some configurations for how the test should be run.


  • Reads data tags from an OPC server and sends it to the data device without using backup, then receives the same tags back from the data device, possibly with new values, and writes them to the OPC, then sets the response tag.


  • Gets data from .csv or .txt files and sends it to the backup or Data device.
  • Device Restrictions:

If date time values are used in these results, they should be in the following formats to guarantee that they will work:

  • yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS (example: 2018-05-18 13:36:00)
  • yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM:SS
  • dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS
  • dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS

Data Device: SQL SP:

  • Read or write data in the SQL Server.

Back-up Device: SQLite:

  • Read or write data to an internal SQLite Database immediately.