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Leak Testing



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Nolek’s TestIT is an own developed software program for machine sequence control. All test results are stored in a database and can be reviewed and analyzed in TestIT, or exported to for example Excel. Programming is done in a program editor that makes it user friendly and easy to customize. This gives a very flexible machine control tool directly from the PC.



mosCura helps you manage your production data, and collects data from the production equipment. This provides access to current as well as historic production information, which can be used to optimize the production equipment. mosCura is flexible and can handle a vast array of production equipment at the same time.



Nolek’s DataConnectIT is a software program that can handle production data. With DataConnectIT you can transfer data to and from industrial machines (through OPC), and read or write to data storages such as SQL. The system can be configured in several ways through the client application, and perform the process automatically in the background, depending on the configurations.

Nolek Group

Nolek is one of the world’s leading total solution providers of leak testing, leak detection, proof testing, helium charging and recovery, and non-destructive test equipment. We offer solutions for almost every production industry, and help our customers find the solution that benefits them the most.